Patrick Agergaard, M.A.
Mental Therapist, Hypnotist & Coach
Master of Positive Psykology (MOPP)
Trainer of Mentology

Clinic centralt i Roskilde
Phone: +45 21 85 41 15

On the links below I explain my form of counselling for English-speaking clients.

    • Psychotherapy: Mental Therapy (or psychotherapy) helps you overcome emotional difficulties. Well suited for depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma.
    • Coaching: Coaching helps you become motivated, clear on your goals and focused on positive action. Well suited for optimal performance in business matters.
    • Hypnosis: Hypnosis (and hypnotherapy) is a means to dig deeper into the unconscious mind in order to dissolve emotional conflict and create harmony, serenity and aligment.

Feel free to contact me any time (details above). An initial conversation on the phone or by e-mail is 100 % free and without obligation of any kind.