Patrick Agergaard, M.A.
Mental Therapist, Hypnotist & Coach
Master of Positive Psykology (MOPP)
Trainer of Mentology

Clinic centralt i Roskilde
Phone: +45 21 85 41 15

Coaching can help you overcome emotional obstacles and achieve your goals.

I assist you in mental empowering by way of clearing unconscious resistance and creating positive links between strong emotions and real-life situations. For instance, if you need to give an important presentation to the board, you may feel anxious and feel uncertain that you will be able to remember your points and deliver them in the right manner in the board room. I can help you get in touch with your anxiety and transform it into positive focus and motivation.

How is Mentology Coaching different?

Generally speaking Mentology is a form of mental treatment that focuses on unconscious processes. I specialize in identifying unconscious resistance. Where the standard coach will place great emphasis on your verbal answers to questions, I focus mainly on whether your conscious and unconscious thought processes are aligned. This allows me to identify blind spots and help you get in touch with challenging areas of your issues or goals.

Furthermore, I specialize in creating a strong sense of motivation, focus and clarity in the real-life situations you are dealing with or preparing for. Again, alignment between “willed” motivation and actual unconsciounsly supported motivation is key. If your motivation is superficial it will rarely last. On the other hand, if your motivation is geniune it will go a long way in life, even in other contexts than the one you present me for.

Who is your coach?

I have worked professionally with personal transformation and teaching coaches and therapists since 2006. Among others, my credentials count:

  • University degree as Master of Positive Psychology (MOPP)
  • Certified Coach (INHNLP, INLPCA, INLPCF)
  • Certified as a Mentology Coach & Trainer
  • Certified Master Trainer of NLP
  • Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Feel free to contact me if you are considering using me as your coach. I always welcome curious questions and you will meet only warmth and openness on my part.

The introductionary call is 100 % free and without any obligations.