Patrick Agergaard, M.A.
Mental Therapist, Hypnotist & Coach
Master of Positive Psykology (MOPP)
Trainer of Mentology

Clinic centralt i Roskilde
Phone: +45 21 85 41 15

Therapy using Mentology is a form of psychotherapy that is driven by the individual client’s current situation and needs, rather that the client’s past and some textbook models of “talking cures”. I often call my method Mental Therapy in order to distinguish it from other forms of psychotherapy that focus on talk, analytical thinking and rationales.

How does Mental Therapy differ from “ordinary” Psychotherapy?

This form of therapy is special on a number of accounts. To be fair, psychotherapy is not just psychotherapy. There are many different directions, forms, models, foundations – and definitely different psychotherapists that apply their therapeutic models differently, even if they come from the same school.

That said, Mentology’s therapeutic model is based primarily on the client’s unconscious communication as opposed to the traditional “analytical” and “rational” forms of thinking. Unconscious communication is everywhere in the dialogue between therapist and client, but few therapeutic models make any use of them. Even in hypnosis, most therapists are not really aware of the unconscious signals coming from the client, and their own communication to the client is often based on cognitive models.

There is nothing wrong with that – but when analytical thinking is insufficient, Mentology offers a world of communication “between the lines” that often opens up the client’s unconscious resistance and allows for the client’s unconscious mind to work more freely and openly. This leads to a more direct solution to even highly complex emotional problems.

What are my credentials?

Well, among others:

  • University degree as Master of Positive Psychology (MOPP)
  • Certified Master Therapist (INHNLP, ABH, NGH)
  • Certified as a Mentology Hypnotist & Trainer
  • Certified Master Trainer of NLP
  • Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy